Personal Data Collection, Processing and Protection policies

Before participating in the escape-the-room games organized by TROLL Escape Rooms and for their own proper operation, we need to collect and process some personal data from the participants at the time of booking the game or at the time of order for a gift-voucher. The purpose for this collection of personal data and the way this data is used will be described as follows.

Statement of consent for collection and processing of personal data

  1. Involved parties

This here mentioned Statement is made between the person that completes the game-booking process or the gift-voucher order process, named subject from here on, and S.C. TROLOLO S.R.L., registered at the National Trade Register Office with no. J23/121/2015, VAT no. 33977576, phone no. 0756 087 655, email address, named beneficiary from here on.

  1. The object of consent

This statement expresses the subject’s consent for the collection and processing of subject’s personal data by the beneficiary.

  1. The data collected

The data collected from the subject by the beneficiary and the purpose of this data is:

  • Name and surname – for addressing and contact
  • Phone number – for communicating, booking confirmation and validation, notifications for arriving late for the booking, offers or various information
  • Email address – for sending booking confirmation messages and reminders, contracts, invoices or any other necessary documents, offers or various information
  • Group photo – as a game souvenir
  • Street address (in the case of gift-vouchers) – for generating the invoice
  1. The purpose to which the subject’s consent will be used

The data that this statement refers to will be used only for the following purposes:

  • Creating an account on the website platform
  • Publishing on the Internet of the fact that the subject has benefited from the company’s services and the description of said services
  • SMS notifications
  • Calling to describe the company’s offers, services and products
  • Publishing into the company’s clients portfolio
  • Mentioning in the video clips, photos, offers and printed catalogues used to describe the company

The photos will be posted on the following platforms:

  1. The subject’s rights

The subject is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation no. 679/2016, can intervene at any time and can request:

  • information about and cosultation of his personal data
  • updating his personal data
  • removal from the beneficiary’s data base of his personal data
  • restriction and blockage of processing of his personal data
  1. Validity

The consent given in this statement is valid for an unlimited period of time or until it has been revoked.

  1. Declaration

The Subject, by booking a game, expresses his consent in favour of the beneficiary regarding the (unpaid) use of the photographs containing him in the purposes described above. The use of these photos for anything else other than described above or for transferring rights to any other third parties as described above is strictly forbidden.

Terms & Conditions for participating

  • The rules for participating in the TROLL Escape Rooms games will be thoroughly explained by the game-master before the game begins. Any violation of these rules may result in the interruption or ending of the game by the game-master, without the possibility of refund.
  • The TROLL Escape Rooms games do not require any special abilities or knowledge, nor the use of physical force or any other violent or aggresive methods. The solutions of the puzzles do not involve altering the furniture, installations or decoration. All the elements needed to solve the game are inside the game room.
  • The participants assume full responsibility for any action, voluntary of involuntary, that causes damage to the interior of the game room or the items found inside or inflicts physical or mental suffering to both their own person or to the other participants.
  • The damage inflicted upon the items inside the game room during the game are under the full responsibility of the participants to the game and they will asume all the costs of repair or replacement, according to the prices presented by the game-master. In case there is another team scheduled to play in the next booking time slot, but the damage inflicted does not allow the game to take place, the participants to the game also assume the cost of the game for this next booking time slot.
  • Do not touch the electricity sockets on the wall and do not disconnect any cable from them. Do not touch the cables, the electrical panels or any other items that the game-master will inform you about during the briefing.
  • Do not dissasemble, dismantle or take apart anything inside the game room (furniture, boxes, safes…).
  • Do not try to reach items found above hand level by climbing the furniture or the other participants to the game. Every item that will be used to solve the game is easily accessible.
  • Access to the game under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden. In case of violation, the game-master reserves the right to stop the game immediately, without the possibility of refund. Also, alcoholic drinks and narcotics of any kind are not permitted inside TROLL Escape Rooms.
  • The participants understand and accept the fact that the game is closely monitored by the game-master using the surveillance cameras installed in the game area.
  • Participation of persons suffering of epilepsy, claustrophobia, heart diseases or other medical conditions that may affect their health after spending up to 90 minutes in an enclosed area is the sole responsibility of these persons. The organizers take no responsibility for the participation of these persons to the game.
  • Video recording or photo shooting inside the game room is strictly forbidden. The use of the video/photo camera function and the flash function of mobile phones for any other purpose is also forbidden. In case of violation, the game-master reserves the right to stop the game immediately, without the possibility of refund.
  • Children under the age of 16 will be accompanied by at least one parent/adult person during the game and will be under his/her responsibility. The accompanying adult person will assume this responsibility.