Steampunk Chronicles

The story

You have received a very unexpected letter from a law office, informing you of the recent demise of a certain miss Elke Drusselmeyer. You’ve never heard of her before, but it seems she was a very distant relative of your’s and the great grand-daughter of the infamous Heinrich Drusselmeyer – one of Germany’s most prolific steampunk inventors.

With no other living relatives, it seems you have inherited the Drusselmeyer’s fortune, along with a very mysterious list of instructions regarding the inventor’s hidden workshop. Curious about your inheritance, you decide to take a trip to Germany in pursuit of the hiden lab.

Covered in mystery, this place is rumored to enclose weird inventions, eccentric steam machines and what seems like an atempt to build a… time machine.

But nothing and no one really prepared you for what your were about to find…

8 / 10
2-6 players
Time to win
60 minutes
English / Romanian

What the players say about The Virus

  • Challenging, intense, fun!

    "First time in an escape room — we chose the virus room — and it was amazing! The puzzles were a bit difficult but the challenges only made things more interesting. Overall we had a very pleasant experience. Totally recommend it!"

    Mădă C.

  • We escaped the Virus Room

    "My first experience with the escape rooms. Loved it. If you're into games that require a lot of logical thinking, you'll love this too. A proper thrill. Lovely staff with a great level of English."


  • Must do in Bucharest

    "We played the virus game. It was challenging but in the end great fun! The team is lovely and helps you with everything you need. Recommended!"


  • Very satisfied

    "As our 12th visit at escape rooms around Europe, we (me and my wife) came with big expectations to Bucharest #1 escape room on trip advisor (the Virus) and I can gladly say that it was perfect! Vlad, the owner, was very welcoming, the riddles were challenging and claver, we got out in the last minute, very satisfied. Highly recommended. Enjoy!"


  • Great time

    "We had a great time at Troll Escape Romm. The Virus escape room was very entertaining and we had a blast. Vlad was also very nice and very dedicated to his work. We will definitely come back."


  • Great experience!

    "We played the Virus escape room and were really happy with the whole thing! We were warmly welcomed and got right into the game. It was awesome! We would definitely play another room at Trolls!!!"


  • Smartest and best escape room ever

    "Honestly this was the most creative room I have ever been in, it's so much more than just theatrics, there's so much thought put into this and so much effort it all truly pays off. Vlad is the friendliest dude I've ever met in my life and he's so kind and helpful I had such a great experience with him and his girlfriend and I can't wait to go back. He also speaks english so well which is SUCH a bonus."


  • Virus room is awesome

    "First time at an escape room and it was awesome. We were warned that Virus is a bit difficult but managed to escape in 40:11 and had a great time doing it. The puzzles were really cool and entertaining. Will go back for the Bike Room."


  • Great Experience!

    "We came to the room after reading the reviews here, having high expectations. We weren't dissapointed ! We played the Virus room, which was an excellent room, with great, fun and logical riddles and a nice backstory. Our operator Clara was very nice and made the experience so much better. Absolutley recommended! 5 out of 5."


  • Great experience

    "We tried the Virus room and for sure we will come back for Bike Room. The room has a logical flow and the puzzles are really smart. We had a great time and it is one of the best escape rooms we have tried so far."