Why should you buy an escape-room gift voucher?

How many times before have you been faced with the difficult task of having to find a present for your friends’ birthdays? We know we have. It’s never easy. A book, a watch… There are a few good options out there, but sooner or later, you’ve exhausted them. And what do you do then?

Escape-rooms to the rescue! Think about it. It’s a spectacular experience, it’s a game of intelligence, it’s always unique and your friends will never forget it. Perfect birthday gift, right?

With us, you can easily order a gift-voucher for your friends. We have the highest rated escape-room games in Bucharest on TripAdvisor and your friend can choose between The Bike Room or The Virus. The voucher is not tied to any of our games, which means that the game choice is up to the person who receives the voucher. Your friend can also bring more players in the game than the number of players marked on the gift-voucher and pay for them separately (price per player x the number of additional players). There’s also the option of extending the validity period of the voucher for an additional fee.

You only need to fill in the order form below and make the necessary payment directly into our bank account in maximum 7 days (you will receive the payment details and invoice by e-mail). And then, the birthday boy or girl has 3 months to redeem it and have the time of his life!

Before you can order a gift-voucher, you must read and agree with the Terms and Conditions.