The Bike Room

The story

Taking the role of a team of cyclists, you plan to go to a bike race you just heard about, but it starts in a few hours. However, to participate, you need protection equipment from a bike shop. Unfortunately, it’s weekend and every shop in town is closed… Luckily, you have a friend who owns a bike shop in Bucharest, so you call him up and ask him to help you.

He accepts, but since he’s getting ready for the same race, the only way he can help is by letting you go alone to his shop. He warns you, though, ”Do not close the door behind you, it will lock itself!” Being in a hurry, you forget about that, go to the shop, get locked inside by mistake… so you have 60 minutes to find what you need and escape the shop so you can reach the start of the race!

You need to know...

…that this is probably the most positive escape-the-room game in town. A perfect game for beginners, not the most challenging, but hard enough to keep you on the edge. You should know that you don’t need to know ANYTHING about bicycles to play this game. You won’t put together a bicycle or ride one during the game. It’s just the theme of the game.

If you’re a hardcore escape-room player, you might not find it that challenging.
Go for The Virus instead.

7 / 10
2-6 players
Time to win
60 minutes
English / Romanian
Appreciated by
Families with children, beginners, casual players

What the players say about The Bike Room

  • Awesome experience

    "This was my first escape room experience in Romania, and it was awesome. I brought my family along and decided to go for the bicycle room, as it was supposed to be more beginner friendly. We had a lot of fun going through the steps and working together towards getting out of the room. The setup is interesting and kept us all engaged for the entire duration of the game. Not super hard, but definitely not a breeze either. The hosts are also really friendly and a pleasure to talk to. I can recommend Troll Escape Rooms fully."

    Andra N.

  • Exciting room, great instructor

    "We did the virus room as a team of two and managed to escape just in time. The riddles were rich in variety and very creative and unique (haven't seen many of them in other rooms before). Vlad, the owner and brain behind the escape room, is very easy going and we had a good chat before and after our escape. We booked on a very short notice (two hours in advance) and that was no problem at all."


  • Great experience!

    "Me, my wife our kids (9 and 12) made both rooms. Bike room was our first escape room and, as the kids loved it, we decided to go to an escape room at least once per month. After a few months (and 6 other rooms) we got back to Virus room (more difficult than the Bike room) and had a great time. The host is very friendly and we can't wait to get back to Troll's new rooms."


  • Fantastic!

    "I did the bike room with two friends a couple of weeks ago. Vlad was very welcoming and the bike room was challenging and fun-highly recommended!"


  • We escaped the Bike Room!

    "We had an awesome time in the Bike Room at TROLL. We were a group of 6, 4 of which were new to escape rooms. Vlad was a perfect host: really welcoming, very patient and very accommodating - he gave us a really good intro to escape rooms. The game itself was a lot of fun, with very clever puzzles, and well themed decor. Would definitely recommend for a group of beginners."


  • Great fun!!

    "We had a lot of fun trying to escape from the Bike Room! We had never done an escape room before, so Vlad (a great host by the way) recommended we do the beginner room. Great advice as we found it quite difficult at the beginning! We had a fantastic time solving the problems. Would highly recommend and we will certainly do another escape rooms in the future! :)"


  • Great experience

    "We had a great time visiting and playing the bike challenge in troll escape room. The facilities were good, the riddles are interesting and the host was lovely. Recommended."


  • Brilliant escaperoom

    "Hi all! If you are planning to go to an escaperoom, this is the one you should go to. The owner is extremely friendly and passionate. We have escaped from the bike shop. This room is full of puzzles that can actually be challenging at times and require you to use your brain. Worth every Lei!!"


  • Amazing experience!!!

    "We visited Bucharest for a couple of days and visited Troll while there. None of us had done an escape room before but everything was very well explained and they were very helpful. The room was fantastic!! Thank you to the team for a great experience!!"


  • So much fun!

    "We went for the Bike Room, but had so much fun that we wanted to try the other room also. We had a great time and both of the rooms are awesome :D!"